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Martec Industries, Inc. is focused on providing quality vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements to health-conscious consumers worldwide.

Our products are offered by physicians, wellness clinics and healthcare professionals who specialize in health maintenance and life extension. They target men's and women's health concerns with customized dietary support programs to help improve the quality of life. Additionally, our products can be found in retail health food stores, drug stores and grocery outlets, and they are available by direct mail order. Our international distribution heightens further availability of Martec's brands both domestically and worldwide.

Our domestic product lines include:

TheraTech® - a full line of multi-potency maintenance and recovery supplements used by healthcare professionals and clinics for single target procedure preparation, post-op recovery and dietary balanced programs.

Simply Natural® - our line of natural and homeopathic body supplements are recommended by knowledgeable dieticians and store staff members to serve individuals committed to a regimen of health, high performance and better quality of life.

Family Choice® - our custom program of select quality supplements that appeal to consumers who expect value for themselves and their families.

Life Style® - our line of products is specially designed for the International market where dual language information and "Made in America" is important to the consumer.

Our dedication to exceptional quality ensures the consumer that all Martec supplements meet or exceed FDA standards and are produced under strict compliance with the US Food and Drug Administration's Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP's).